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What On Earth Are You Here For?


What On Earth Are You Here For?

“Where there is no vision, the people perish, and when people lack knowledge they are destroyed” – God’s Word.


  • Do you have any PERSONAL GOALS you want to achieve before you die?
  • Do you daily reflect on WHO you truly are?
  • Have you ever tried to find out WHY you were born? Have you discovered the PURPOSE of your existence?
  • Do you get up every day with a burning desire to do more than you are currently doing, something significant and of worth?

Tragic Statistics 

Only about 3-percent of the world’s population have summoned the courage to discover, develop and fulfill their purposes. According to the World Health Organization, 55 million people die each year. That is an average of about 153,000 people every day, and if only 3-percent of those who die daily fulfilled the purposes for which they were born, that means that about 148,000 go to their graves daily, denying the world of their gifts, talents, and greatness. No wonder the graveyard was described as the richest place on earth; because therein lay trillions of ideas that never came to life; trillions of undiscovered products, goods, and services; billions of businesses that never got started; and countless unwritten books.

Will you go to your grave denying the world of all the great works you could have done? Pause now and think about this.

Discover your Purpose 

The purpose of a thing is the reason a maker or creator or developer has in mind for bringing the thing to life. The purpose of a car is to carry people from one point to another. The purpose of a pen is for writing. The purpose of food is to stop hunger.

What is your purpose in this life? Why were you born? What is your dream? What do you imagine yourself doing? What do you want to accomplish? What are the things you want to get done before you die? Are you presently doing what you were sent to do on earth?

Discovering your purpose enables you to answer these questions, and you can experience a remarkable life in light of that knowledge. Your life does not have to be a meaningless, repetitive exercise. You were meant to be going somewhere, heading towards a destination. For you to be significant in life, you must have a clear guiding purpose for your life.

Clarity of your purpose will help you maximize your potential and keep you from being distracted by non-essentials, and from wasting your resources.

God’s Original Purpose for Mankind

God’s original intent for making the world is to extend His heavenly kingdom to the earthly realm through His children. He wants His will done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6: 9-10). He wants us to rule on earth as kings just as He rules in the heavens as the King of kings. Therefore, your ultimate purpose is to make the earth look and feel like heaven. It is crucial to understand this. You were sent to this world not just to make a difference, but to make it a good place (Genesis chapter 1, Romans 8:28).

Equipped for GOOD WORKS

Your PURPOSE are the GOOD WORKS you have been EQUIPPED to PERFORM. God requires you to PERFORM your purpose with DILIGENCE and EXCELLENCE. The role that God wants us to perform is already embedded within us. He wants us to make everything, everyone and every situation GOOD. You already know what GOOD looks like, because you’re made in God’s image. So it isn’t hard for you to know what to do to make something, someone or a situation GOOD, just like God made the earth GOOD in Genesis chapter one.

Wherever you find yourself, whatever the situation, and with whomsoever, you are with, the purpose of God is not farfetched: make things good (delightful, excellent, enjoyable, and satisfactory).

Find God’s will in the place He put it, right inside you. His will is as close to you as your most persistent thoughts and deepest desires. No matter how old you get, the same thoughts and desires will keep coming back to you; because His will for you never changes.







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